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Beaded Art by Joan Painter

Some pieces are for sale, if a piece is SOLD i can bead them again.

 If you know any of the unknown pattern artists, please email me with the information.
I'd love to post them.


Turquoise Stone Necklace

Designed and created by Joan Painter

This necklace is made from beautiful large pieces of turquoise stone, sterling silver & turquoise bead charms and Delicas beads

The Maying of Queen Gwenivere  approximately 40" x 40" including frame.   Beaded one bead at a time by hand with delicas.   No material was used to bead on.
254,000 beads, took 6 years to bead.
SOLD FOR $75,000 IN 2015

Indian Dancer is also a beaded piece I've done. It's from the painting by Bodmer called "Dance leader of the Hidatsu Dog Society" There are 51,264 beads which took 450 hours, about 1/2 hour for each row. I went through each bead 4 times in order to do the stitch. There is no material used. $4500.00  The finished size of 13"x15"

Orange Tiger Amulet Bag 3 1/2 x 4 with fringe leaf beads that are 80 years old $150.00 #0016
Pattern by Valerie Hixson

Amulet Bag "Snow Wolf"
Pattern by Deb Berg

Earrings $15.00 #010
Pattern Artist Unknown

Large Earrings cityscape & moon --SOLD-- #002 Pattern Artist Unknown

15.00 #009
Pattern Artist Unknown

Double Flowers Earrings
$25.00 #016
Pattern Artist Unknown

Rose & Vine Earrings $25.00 #006
Pattern Artist Unknown

Peacock Earrings
-SOLD- # 001 Pattern by Sigrid Wynne-Evans
SantaClaus Earrings 10.00 #015 Pattern Artist Unknown

Pink Earrings
--SOLD-- #013 Pattern Artist Unknown

Polar Bear Earrings --SOLD-- #018 Pattern by Sigrid Wynne-Evans

Red & Black Earrings --SOLD-- #011 Pattern Artist Irene Louise

Feather Earrings --SOLD--
#014 Pattern Artist Irene Louise

Earrings --SOLD--
#012 Pattern by Sigrid Wynne-Evans

Earrings --SOLD-- #004 Pattern Artist Irene Louise

Earrings --SOLD-- #003 Pattern Artist Unknown

Earrings --SOLD-- #005 Pattern
Artist Unknown

Unicorn Earrings --SOLD-- #017 Pattern by Barbara Elbe

White Tiger amulet bag w/ Tiger Eye E xxarrings --SOLD-- #022 Pattern by Joan Painter

White Tiger w/ Lavender --SOLD-- #0002 Pattern by Betty Hauser  can be beaded again $150

Hair Barrette
--SOLD-- #020
Pattern Artist Unknown

Hair Barrette $18.95 #0031 Pattern by Joan Painter SOLD





Hat Band Animal Print $85.00 #0037 Pattern Artist Unknown

Zebra Hat Band $85.00 #0034 Pattern Artist Unknown

Hat Band multicolored tiny size 14/15 hex beads $85.00 #0035 Pattern Artist Unknown

Iris Bracelet $15.00 #0012 Pattern Artist Unknown

Bears Bracelet 35.00 #0013 Pattern Artist Unknown

Rose bracelet --SOLD-- #0015 Pattern by Suzanne Cooper


Buffalo Skull Clothing Patch $85.00 #0001 Pattern Artist Unknown


China Pattern Amulet Bag --SOLD-- #0005
Pattern by Suzanne Cooper

Eagle Amulet Bag 125.00 #0007 Pattern by
Betty Hauser can be beaded again

Rose Hat Band
--SOLD-- #019
Pattern Artist Unknown

Bag  Pattern is by Cheryl Assemi 

Large Feather for Hair
--SOLD-- #0012 pattern artist is FRIEDA BATES

End of The Trail Neck Bag
--SOLD-- #0009 Pattern Artist Unknown

Large Butterfly Necklace done in size 14/15 hex beads  --SOLD-- #021
Pattern Artist Unknown

Wolf Bag #007
Pattern by Joan Painter

patch for the 911 quilt,
candles represent twin towers and lost souls, -SOLD- #0039 Pattern by Joan Painter


Lavender Geometric Bag 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 including fringe SOLD #0003 Pattern Artist Unknown

Eagle Amulet Bag -$125 #008 Pattern from valerie hixon book "wild things"

$650.00 SOLD




Santa Claus

            Bead designer Ann  Paxton, per the designers

          wishes this bag cannot be sold.  her patterns are

                            for "personal use only"


SOLD BRACELET $60, Can make another

More available , Please contact me. $20 a pair includes tax and mailing within U.S.A